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Pigg’s Peak Town Council comprises of six departments, namely; Administration /Human Resource, AMICAAL & Social Services, Finance/Treasury, Environment & Public Health, Engineering as well as Internal Audit (outsourced).

In total, the organisation has a total staff complement of forty-two employees.

CEO’s Office;

The office of the CEO is responsible for driving the organization’s strategy, through ensuring that the following set eight (8) strategic objectives are achieved, by way of adopting and implementation of annual operating plan;

  1. Enhancing participatory governance
  2. Revenue generation for sustainability
  3. Organization development for efficient service delivery
  4. Infrastructure development for investment promotion
  5. Diversification of land use through effective planning
  6. Promotion of public health and safety
  7. Promotion of environment protection and conservation
  8. HIV/AIDS management

In short, this office is responsible for the overall administration of the organisation as well as implementation of Council’s strategic objectives.

Internal Audit Department

This department has been established to ensure adherence to good corporate governance practices, assess potential risks, design and implement appropriate effective internal controls to address such risks, through putting in place robust policies and procedures.

Human Resource Department

Employees are a organisation’s most valuable asset or resource, with which it strives to achieve set objectives; therefore, the Human Resource department is mainly responsible for the employee’s welfare in line with the relevant pieces of legislation as well as ensuring that the existing labour force is used optimally to achieve the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Finance Department

This department is responsible for revenue collection, providing financial and consultancy service to the entire organisation, to ensure that the available financial resources are used efficiently and effectively.  

Engineering Department

The core function of the Engineering department is to construct and maintain all infrastructure, such as roads, pavements, stadium, parks and street lighting, to mention just a few. This is achieved through developing and implementing yearly infrastructure plans, reduced into annual operating plans.  

Environmental & Public Health Department

Provision and facilitation of comprehensive, pro-active and needs-related services to ensure a safe, healthy and clean urban environment, with the aim of preventing and eliminating disease, is the main mandate of this department. This is achieved through the following;

  1. Waste collection & disposal - click here to view the waste collection schedule
  2. Attending to all public health issues
  3. Bush clearing and grass cutting
  4. Environmental management issues


AMICAALL is responsible for building capacity of Pigg’s Peak community to respond to HIV/AIDS and social problems, through focusing on the following;

  1. Management of HIV/AIDS response
  2. Management of social problems
  3. Mitigation, Care and Support