Scope of the awards

The Swaziland Environment Authority (SEA) Temvelo awards acknowledge, recognize and honour businesses, organizations, communities and individuals who have demonstrated exceptional environmental stewardship by dedicating themselves and their talents to the protection of the environment. The Temvelo awards program provides competition and incentives to expand and improve environmental protection efforts.

Left to right, Mrs Bongekile Dlamini accepting award on behalf of behalf of Pigg’s Peak Town Council, Hon. Minister Christopher Gamedze (Tourism and Environmental Affairs) and Hon. Minister Princess Tsandzile (Home Affairs)

With specific reference to the Green Municipality award, it is awarded to a municipality that has developed environmental solutions, using its risk assessment and management expertise, forming strategic partnerships to improve sustainability, as well as service delivery in municipal environment related functions such as effective waste management services and greening initiatives. Thus, on Monday 18th June 2018, Pigg’s Peak Town Council was awarded the Green Municipality award by SEA, at the Convention centre.

Initiatives taken by Piggs Peak Town Council towards environmental conservation

In line with the organisation’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP) or strategic plan, the local authority has implemented the following activities over the years;

  1. Waste management services
    • Implementation of a daily litter picking schedule and having a designated landfill, where waste is properly disposed of.
    • Three companies collect recyclables within the urban or town, thus reducing the amount of waste reaching the landfill. By so doing, Council endeavours to promote the recycling of waste, which is in line with the hierarchy of waste management.
    • Unlike in other areas where scavengers freely roam within landfills, Pigg’s Peak Town Council landfill is controlled, meaning scavengers are regulated and no burning of waste is allowed.
  2. Climate action activities
    • Open burning of waste is prohibited in town and any other forms of uncontrolled fires.
    • Indigenous trees have been planted in public open spaces, to counteract any effects of deforestation.
    • Hazardous waste is strictly prohibited at the landfill.
  3. Water conservation
    • Local schools have been encouraged to practise water harvesting as opposed to relying solely on tap water. As a result, every school within the town has at least one water tank to serve this purpose and it must be noted that the water in the tanks is treated, to prevent the occurrence of waterborne diseases.
  4. Community engagement services
    • Council organise yearly environmental awareness/ clean up programs to sensitise the public on keeping the environment clean or protected.

In conclusion, we believe it is these interventions that have earned Pigg’s Peak Town Council the Green Municipality award. Finally, Council also extends gratitude to the Royal Eswatini Police Service for their support, through arresting members of the public who litter indiscriminately in public places.