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The operations of the Council are guided by the following pieces of legislation and polices amongst others:

  1. Urban Government Act, 1969: Outlines the procedures and processes for running of the Council including elections, meeting procedures, management committees, employment of certain officers, preparation of operational standing orders, budgeting, etc. and the role of the Minister responsible for local government and respective reports.
  2. The Financial Regulations, (1969): Made under the Urban Government Act to give guidelines for budgeting, procurement of goods and services, accounting standards, etc.
  3. Staff Standing Orders (2017): this document consists of Disciplinary Code and Procedure, Counselling and Grievance Procedure, aimed at maintaining a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship between Piggs Peak Town Council and its employees. Simply put, they set forth general terms and conditions of employment with specific provision for such matters as remuneration, hours of work, employee benefits and general working conditions affecting all employees and to ensure that all reasonable measures for the safety and occupational health of all employees, are provided.
  4. The Rating Act 1995: For procedures for carrying out and managing the property valuation process. Property Valuation was carried out in 2003 and new valuation exercise will be carried out soon.
  5. The Town Planning Act, 1961: To facilitate the preparation of a Town Planning Scheme (TPS) for development control purposes. A scheme for the town was prepared in 1983, revised in 1992 and a Draft Town Planning Scheme 2009 awaits revision by the Council. The TPS proposed action on infrastructure development will be attached to this document as an addendum once approved (TPS) by Council.
  6. Building & Housing Act (1968): Provides guidelines and standards for buildings and the application process for development.
  7. Public Health Act (1969)
  8. Integrated Development Plan (IDP): This is a new planning directive from the Ministry to ensure a comprehensive framework for Council's budgeting process entailing bringing together all the components of: Town Planning scheme, Capital Improvement Program, Local Economic Development Strategy, Financial Viability strategy and Service Delivery Model. This will be the first IDP for the Council and will also include the strategic plan. The advent of the IDP is to ensure that the budgeting process takes aboard all operational activities of the Council in a holistic, rational and logical manner.
  9. Council Standing Orders: these Standing Order are for providing guidance on how meetings of Council are conducted and also encompass Councillor's Code of Conduct
  10. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Council and Pigg’s Peak Joint Rates Payers Association; the purpose of the MoU is to promote participatory governance and good relations between Council and rates payers